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Here’s something NEW for motorcyclists.
This pump was developed in response to all your requests.
What’s so different about this pump?
The MotoPressor Mini Pump enables you to pre-select a tyre pressure, pump your tyres and the pump will automatically switch OFF when it reaches the pre-selected pressure.
Option to power the pump off a mini jump starter which gives you the mobility to move about with the pump.
Here’s how it works.
Connect the MotoPressor Mini Pump to either your motorcycle battery OR a Li-ion jump starter.  Select a pressure scale either PSI, BAR or KPA. Select the pressure you would like to pump your tyres to.  Switch the pump ON, stand back and let the pump do the work.
Once the pump reaches the pre-selected tyre pressure it switches OFF automatically. How easy is that!
The kit includes the pump with a digital pressure gauge and all the power leads and connectors to enable you to run off your motorcycle battery or a mini jump starter.
All this is packed neatly into a sturdy carry case.
The pump is CE approved and comes with five (5) year product warranty.
Weight: 503g
Pump dimensions: 127 x 110 x 55 mm
Capacity   50PSI
Performance:   120/70 R19 to 36psi in 3min 20sec
                               170/60 R17 to 40psi in 6min 45sec
Pressure Scales:  PSI, BAR or KPA

WARNING – Do not use this pump in a standard BMW accessory outlet unless it is wired directly to the battery and bypasses the motorcycle’s electrical computer system – “CANbus”.
The CANbus monitors and limits the amperage of the accessory outlet.  When you plug the Compressor into a CANbus equipped accessory outlet the CANbus will automatically shut off the circuit and the Pocket Pump will stop working.
It is not the fault of the compressor.

5 year warranty

**If you have a CANbus equipped bike and you are NOT SURE about using the accessory outlet, use the alligator clips to get power from your battery or better still connect the supplied SAE terminal connectors to your battery and get power from there.


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