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Double USB Power Port with Universal Plug and Pivoting Body (0 to 180 Degrees)
This double USB power port features a universal plug which fits into a cigarette lighter outlet (features a removable red extension sheath to allow secure /safe fitment) as well as a 12 V DIN power socket.
**The Red removable sheath is easily removed (turn & gently pull)
Each ports offers a maximum output of 2.1000 mA, which provides you with enough current to charge PC tablets and iPads.
It can of course also charge your GPS device and smart phone at the same time.
The pivoting socket allows exact positioning of the charging ports inisde your cockpit or on the side of your bodywork, depending on outlet position.
For all types of motorcycles – European Plug (Hella) and Cigarette lighter Plug outlet.
For all types of Cars – European Plug (Hella) and Cigarette lighter Plug outlet.
12V Cigarette Style Double USB Power Port with Pivoting Body allows the use of two accessory electronic devices using one power plug. This dual USB power port fits into a cigarette outlet and is able to swivel while supplying electricity to two accessories.
Two USB receptacles in one unit
Compatible with cigarette or euro/BMW Din /Merit 12V plug outet
2100 mA-h power output per port
Adapter pivots to make a 90 degree elbow
Water resistant body and cap.
LED backlighting for ease of use at night.
**See Extra images for more pictures.**
• Input – 12 / 24Vdc
• Output – 5Vdc / 2.1 Amp Per socket
• Short circuit protection
• Over current protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Temperature overload protection
• Material – Nylon
• Two positions
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