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  • R2V 1974 > 09/77
This is a new generation of solid state LED Flex Printed circuit instruments to replace the ‘No longer available’ Moto Meter unit.
**The standard, original, charge system light will operate as normal with this type of LED PCB.
(Also works with higher wattage alternator)
**LED’s last more than 7000 hrs + (Approx 28 years based on normal motorcycling conditions)
**No more:
  • Bulbs
  • Broken copper connector flaps that make contact with the old original bulb holders impossible.
  • Bad internal connections
**The Neutral and turn indicator LED’s have been designed to be brighter than the original incandescent
bulbs to help make them more visble in bright sunlight
**This unit is assembled on a new, reproduction of the original bulb carrier body,
3D modelled to match the original unit with HI-TECH Flex PCB & individual LED light
soldered to the Flex.
Simple to replace, this unit fits straight in to where the old, outdated PCB used to sit.
This unit will allow you to retain that classic BMW look.
**See extra images below for more details and pictures. 
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