FRICTION PLATE (Oil Resistant TOURING) 6mm Longer Centre Spline

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  • R850 /1200Cruisers

This plate has a longer spline boss to spread the wear on the splines over a larger area which reduces the wear on the plate and the input shaft.

This is a notorious problem on these models but using this plate brings reliability back to where it should be.

It only takes a few drops of oil to reach the BMW clutch friction plate, for example from a leaking rear crank seal, to bring sudden death to a conventional dry clutch. Especially when far from home or a mechanic, this can easily cost a couple of days as a clutch replacement is time-consuming.
This is a new dry clutch plate which unlike the original BMW part is fully operational even in a bath of oil! This can mean a huge plus for globetrotter, touring motorcyclists and anyone who travels a lot and relies on their bike.
Just remember to keep topping up the oil until the leak is repaired!
Please see the clutch section on this site relevant to your model for other clutch plate options.

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