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  • R2V  04 /1982 >  17.5° “X” marking on gear 

** This Gear is not available from BMW Dealers, but Munich M/C can supply.

(The complete shaft is no longer available from BMW)

** Standard Gearing ratio.

** Finely-grounded. Honed version for quiet operation.

** It’s important to check what version the transmission gears and shafts are as there are major differences between the 15° version and 17.5° .  If the wrong version is used, it could be catastrophic to your gearbox!

** This should ONLY be installed by skilled personnel using special tools and knowledge of removing and re-fitting these gears. (Can also be used to repair pre 04/1982 5 speed gearboxes but there are extra gears required to make this repair and  you must have the knowledge of  how to do this before attempting installation)

** Made in Germany.

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