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  • R2V 09/1969 > 1996 4-speed + 5-speed gearbox.
  • R2V 09/1969 > 08/1980 Final drive

Oil Filler plug with sight glass, also called oil eye.
Check for water in the gearbox? With this you know for sure!
This will sooner or later cause gearbox damage if gear oil is contaminated and becomes very expensive to repair!
Now you can keep an eye on your gear oil at all times!
This oil sight glass is not used to check the fill level, as the oil level is slightly lower, but the condition of the oil can be assessed excellently with the motorcycle on the side stand.

Always turn motorcycle off before doing this !!

This sight glass will need a new crush washer every time as it doesn’t get tightened to as high torque as the original filler plug because the new sight glass filler plug is hollow and just requires 8Nm (6ft/lb)!!

**See extra images for fitment position on parts drawing marked with an X

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