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BOSCH Universal Oxygen Sensor for ALL BMW R and K models.
  • Application: All fuel injected models
  • Model Years: 1998 > 2013
**Not available from dealer
**Power Rating: Increases engine performance thru optimal air / fuel ratio
This 4-wire replacement O2 sensor restores and maintains the critical air/fuel ratio for optimum engine performance.
Water-proof and heat resistant Posi-Lock connector to splice into original vehicle harness connector.
For precise performance over a long service life – use BOSCH Oxygen Sensors;
The Modern HiTech Tune-Up
Standard narrow band type Oxygen Sensors operate between 0 and 1 volts and are only capable of accurately measuring a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio (e.g. 14.7:1).
A richer or leaner condition results in an abrupt voltage change and is only useful for qualitative determination.
Modern vehicles use \”switch\” like sensing at idle and part throttle to make small compensations in fuel delivery to keep the air/fuel ratio near 14.7:1.
The \” Modern TuneUp \”
Bosch Universal Heated Oxygen Sensors are an economical alternative for your fuel injected BMW.
Bosch Universal Heated Oxygen Sensors provide the closest match to the original equipment manufacturer\’s sensor performance.
Each sensor is manufactured with a 610 mm length of sensor wire to allow maximum replacement of worn wire.
Includes heat resistant Posi-Lock connectors for quick and easy connection to the original vehicle equipment wire harness connector for a fraction of the cost of the Dealer item.

Reduces emissions and may also reduce Fuel consumption

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