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  • R80G/S + PD 1981 > 1987
  • R80 /100GS /PD  > 1991 (For use on models with square shape tell-tale light lenses)
**Complete unit including lense housing.  (No longer available from BMW Dealers.)
**Comes complete with new LED PCB.
**This Unit has Original Green Indicator Tell-tale light.
 (Also available part number 6244758RKD Unit has Non-Original Amber Indicator Tell-tale light)
(Also Available on part number 6344754R Tell-Tale Light Cover)
** This high quality LED reproduction of the electrical printed circuit board will keep your G/S + PD on the road.
** No More bulb changes.  (The genuine bulb holders are no longer available)
** Charge light as been specifically designed to energize your charge system same as it would be on the old Bulb system.
**The lenses are not moulded like OEM – they’re coloured acrylic with a diffusing surface on the bottom/LED side, including an anti-glare coating on the top side.
**Tell-tale symbols printed on the top surface in white just like OEM. The red lenses (only) to opaque red acrylic instead of translucent red like the OEM lenses.
We feel that this makes the most important warning lights: the GEN & OIL red lights – more visible and the dash looks and reads better both off and lit.
The neutral and turn indicators are green now – not olive.
(Hot spots are gone from the red lenses and much reduced on the others)


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