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  • R80G/S + PD 1981 > 1987
  • R80 /100GS /PD  > 1991 (For use on models with square shape tell-tale light lenses)
**Complete unit including lense housing.  (No longer available from BMW Dealers.)
 6244757RKD (Unit has Original Green Indicator Tell-tale light)
 6244758RKD (Unit has Non-Original Amber Indicator Tell-tale light)
 6344754R Tell-Tale Light Cover
** This high quality LED reproduction of the electrical printed circuit board will keep your G/S + PD on the road.
** No More bulb changes (The genuine bulb holder is no longer available)
** Charge light as been specifically designed to energize your charge system as it would be on the old Bulb system.
** Easily screws to old lens holder.  (New screws supplied with unit)
** The PCB is slightly narrower than the original bulb frame but still fits under the clip on the R/H of the frame and screws neatly onto the frame using the 2 new screws supplied.
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