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This Portable Tyre Pump & Power bank is the perfect accessory to keep in your bag for emergency tyre inflation and for keeping your phone charged.

Capable of pumping up to 150psi, the pump allows you to preset the desired pressure and will auto stop when it reaches that pressure, meaning no more guessing the final tyre pressure.

The pump includes an LED torch and a 4x 500mAH power bank to keep your phone charged on your road trip.

The safest super Li-ion battery. Cycle life 1200timesA1C.

LCD display, LED work light.

Auto turn off.

Pump has a built in Compartment  to keep Air pipe T fitting securely inside unit 

Inflation time: 2 Minutes for 30 – 50 psi tyre.

  • Charging connection: Micro USB
  • Max Current: 5A
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours.
  • Max pressure: 150psi
  • Operating temperature: -10C~+45C
  • Air flow: 12L/Min
  • Size: 55mm diam, 180mm length
  • Weight: 352g

Items supplied with pump:

  • Air pipe with T fitting
  • Air Needle
  • 12V Car Type Charger
  • Micro USB Charging Cable


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