MONOSHOCK (YSS) Black Edition

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  • R65 /80 /100 /RS /RT 1985 > 1996

**For slightly lower specification shock with  Silver end caps and spring tensioner version see SKU470007RYSSS in Related Products below

**For slightly lower specification shock with Black end caps and spring tensioner version see SKU470007RYSSB in Related Products below

**Please note these shock absorbers are set up for a weight range from 75KG > 95KG.  If you require for heavier or lighter than standard weight range, this spring can be adjusted for an extra charge of $110.00   Please advise additional information in NOTES if spring change is required.

YSS shocks have ISO and ABE certification from German regulation authority TUV and come with a two year warranty

YSS Top Line Z shocks are developed to cope with the growing demand for high performance gas shocks. Teflon coated Sinter DU Bushes and heat treated hard chromed shafts are used to make this precision shock.

MZ366 Monoshock features:

  • Self-adjusting emulsion gas shock for a quicker reaction and better predictably
  • Threaded spring preload adjustment
  • 36mm radial piston with 16mm hard chrome shaft
  • Rebound adjustable to control how fast the shock springs back after being compressed
  • Length adjustable  (405mm – 415mm)

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