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Multi-Functional Jump Start Pack is an incredibly compact piece of kit that packs a real punch!
It’s powerful lithium battery holds enough charge to jump start a 2.5 litre car several times over.
Take it camping and charge all your devices when mains power isn’t available.
Utilise its bright LED flashlight to find your way in the dark or SOS flashing or strobe signal in an emergency.
*Jump Start
*A powerful Lithium Jump Start pack, capable of jump starting cars, motorbikes, ATV’s & UTV\’s, boats or anything else using a 12v battery up to 2.5 litre.
*Recharge your cell phone, tablet and other portable devices while on the go.
*Extremely bright LED flashlight with 3 modes: illumination, strobe, SOS.
Technical Specification:
Size: 135mm x 76mm x 16mm
Weight: 225g
Output: 5V = 2A; 12V Jump Start
Input: 12V = 1A
Full charging time: 2 hours
Start current: 200A
Peak current: 400A
Operation temp: -20oC ~ 60oC / -4oF ~ 140oF
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